Freebie excerpt of November printable: “Rest my Soul”

Hi friends, thought I surprise you today with a freebie! Here is an excerpt of the kit I designed for November for my Patrons. It was such a joy making this kit so I thought why not share a part of it here for free! Maybe it will inspire you to want to join us on Patreon! This months (November 2020) Biblejournaling/Scraptherapy will be all about resting your soul. Just like in nature (fall and winter) we as people may have restful times. And we can spend it with Him! In 4 sessions we are going to talk about: Trust, Calm, Surrender and Refuge. Our sessions will mainly be filled with some short words from me and conversation, scrapping and whatever you want to do. You can also just sit and listen.

Download the file and hope you enjoy! X Ren.

In the morning

One of the lovely ladies of my online Biblejournaling/Scaptherapy group mentioned this verse from Psalms 143:8 to me. I wanted to make a small print out of it for you to download for free. Print it out and hang it in a place you see when you wake up. Enjoy!

Do not Fear

Is inspired by a text from Isaiah 41:10: “Do not fear, for I am with you”. With soft colors and florals you can use in your (Bible) journaling or scrapbooking.

Be Brave

This is a printable inspired by Joshua 1:9 “Be brave, be strong and courageous”. You can use this in your (Bible) journaling/scraptherapy. Enjoy!

Appeltree (Dutch)

This printable is in Dutch and inspired by Psalms 61: 5

Make a Wish

Take what you need

Penpall letter templates

two different designs with soft flowers. To printout and write a letter to a friend!

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