What is Biblejournaling?

Biblejournaling is a fun and creative way of working with God’s word. Being together in a relaxt environment talking about a Bible text and express it creatively with paper, pen, marker, paint, scissors etc. Maybe a nice conversation will start, maybe not. It is mainly about ‘being’ together, not having to do anything for a while and giving your thoughts free rein.

Since the beginning of this year I’m hosting Bible journaling sessions from my home. Because everything changed in the course of this year due to Covid 19, I started hosting these sessions online via Zoom.

I have met some very special women who I meet every Wednesday (8 PM UTC +2) when I host these online Biblejournaling sessions.

And as from October we are going to start another group on Monday 1PM UTC+2!

If you want to now more or want to join us please message me here!

Printable Octoberproject available on Patreon