Het vierde woord van ons project Walk this way! Talk this way! is dromen. Afgelopen week sprak ik er met twee lieve vriendinnen over, vooral met betrekking tot dromen voor je leven, hoe je je leven in wil vullen, over de gaven/talenten die je hebt ontvangen (ja we hebben allemaal gaven ontvangen). Denk daar vandaag eens over na tijdens je wandeling, waar ben jij goed in? En wat kun je gebruiken om iets positiefs bij te dragen aan deze wereld? Als God je een talent heeft gegeven, gebruik het dan voor Zijn glorie! Weet je waarom? Om Hem alle eer te geven die Hij verdient. Tot morgen!

Ik heb een leuke printable ontworpen, klik hier zodat je ‘m kunt downloaden.

PS dit project is gratis, mocht je mij willen steunen dan is een donatie altijd welkom 🙂 (knop in balk rechts).


The fourth word of our project Walk this way! Talk this way! is dreaming. Last week I spoke with two dear friends about it, especially with regard to dreams for your life, how you want to fill your life, about the gifts/talents you have received (yes we have all received talents ). Think about that during your walk today, what are you good at? And what can you use to contribute something positive to this world? If God has given you a talent, use it for His glory! Do you know why? To give Him all the honor He deserves.

I designed a fun printable for this project, you can download in here!

PS: this project is totally free, if you want to you can support me with a donation 🙂 (button on the right).

3 thoughts on “#4

  1. Hi Ren,

    It’s almost 2am here in California and I can’t sleep. I hope you have had less noise in your ear, and therefore have been able to rest.

    I was looking through the info on your new project, it looks very interesting. I will follow your suggestions as best I can, but since I’m not a scrapbooking type I might attempt to make small drawings instead whenever I am able. Sorry I can’t make a stronger commitment. But thank you for all the work you put into encouraging believers to create artwork to bring the scriptures to life.

    In terms of a web page design, I’d be interested in hearing from you what you charge to build one for me. Or perhaps, as much as I hate the idea of working on computers,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Claudia, sorry for my very belated reaction. Thank you for your encouraging words and I love that you join us! I will respond to your question about your website in an email. Hope to see and talk to you again soon ❤


  2. Sorry, I accidentally sent the email prematurely.😖

    …idea of working on computers you could give me some points about what to include on a webpage that will make it interesting?

    As I look through yours, it seems pretty straight forward, would you recommend a similar format to sell artwork? Do you have an outline or key points that are must haves on a webpage? Help! I’ll do a bit of research just to see what I can learn as well. I liked your designs on your current projects. Well Done!

    Have a good night, or is it day time there?




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