Surprise, surprise…..

Hi everybody,

It is the end of the year, time for some resetting!

I will be taking a break here, from social media and Biblejournaling with the groups, in Januari. As from Februari I wanted to start again with the Biblejournaling every other week with some changes: there will be no fee so it is totally free, there won’t be a monthly printable but I will occasionally design something so it will be a surprise! And I am thinking about doing the Biblejournaling video sessions through Facebook/Messenger Rooms.

I have designed a small surprise freebee to tie you over the month of Januari 😉 It is a template for a prayer journal. I don’t know about you but I often promise people that I want to pray for them and then find myself forgetting. Or you think about someone and want to pray for them and want to write it down. And maybe you can use it for things you have on your heart and want to share with Him on paper.

You can print it out and use a ring to keep it together and add pages along the way. I hope this will encourage and help you in your Prayer journey.

You can download the Prayer Journal with the link. Enjoy and I will see you again in Februari!

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