Its definitely Fall in Holland, leaves everywhere and acorns and chestnuts. I always get a little nostalgic around this time of the year and what a year it has been. I am not going to go into Covid and the partial lockdown we are in again but it has taken his toll on me. But one of the highlights of my week are the Biblejournalings/Scraptherapy essions I host, I love it! I allows me to spend time with God and some already very dear friends. I was preparing for the November sessions and wanted to dive in the theme “Rest my Soul”, about different ways you can rest. Here is a small sneak peak of the printable I am designing, I will post some pictures later this week.

If you want to join us you can do that by becoming a Patron, and you don’t have to join the Zoom sessions if you don’t feel like it. Then you download the printable and journal with the weekly reminders. And sometimes I post exclusive little extra’s on Patreon.

Het is echt herfst in Holland, overal bladeren, eikels en kastanjes. Ik word altijd een beetje nostalgisch rond deze tijd van het jaar en wat een jaar is het. Ik ga niets zeggen over Covid en de gedeeltelijke lockdown waar we weer in zitten, maar het heeft zijn tol geëist. Maar een van de hoogtepunten van mijn week zijn de Biblejournaling /Scraptherapy-sessies die ik houd, ik vind het geweldig! Zo mooi om tijd door te brengen met God en met enkele al heel dierbare vrienden. Ik was me aan het voorbereiden op de sessies in november en thema is “Rest my Soul”, over verschillende manieren waarop je kunt rusten. Hier is een kleine sneak peak van de printable die ik aan het ontwerpen ben, ik zal later deze week wat foto’s plaatsen.

Als je je bij ons wilt aansluiten, kun je dat doen door Patron te worden, en je hoeft niet mee te doen aan de Zoom-sessies als je daar geen zin in hebt. Je download dan gewoon de printable en ontvangt de wekelijkse berichten via Patreon . En soms post ik daar kleine exclusieve extra’s.

5 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Loved your page! Hope to rejoin the group in the near future. Miss Y’all!

    Some may think that Fall & Winter are the dead or dying months of the year. I disagree. Fall are months of shedding & releasing, a preparation for what’s to come, new opportunities, new growth, perhaps new challenges. Whatever it is that God is asking You to let go of, You may be a reluctant participant. But the truth remains: when says “let go,” it’s a losing battle. You will eventually let go, willingly or not. And God will meet you there when you decide. As for those long winter months, you might convince yourself that Everything is dead, frozen solid. You look down and you’re knee deep in snow. You might be standing on packed snow, but underneath it all, there is life, teaming with all sorts of nutrients. Even the bears know it’s time for rest, ah, that sweet slumber! Even he knows there’s nothing to do but rest, peacefully confidently. He knows it’s just one of many seasons. Spring will come again! And with it a new phase of life. My dear sisters in Christ, such has been my journey in Palm Desert. I’ve been in shedding mode since July, and now I’m resting in what seems to be a season of preparation. Resting in Him to guide me through My next step(s) as winter approaches. I may be knee deep in snow, maybe standing on packed snow or in the middle of a frozen lake, surrounded by giant pine trees. I feel like a tiny speck, as I look at my surrounding. But under earth my feet life is waiting to spring forth. I’m counting the days to see What God has in store for me, for us. Not sure what your “winter” is looking like, much less what God is asking of you. I know this: pull out your sweaters, scarves, gloves or maybe your parkas. Bundle up breath in the fresh air, smell your surroundings, see all that you can see, listen to the sounds around you. Then rejoice in all your senses. Then one day as you wait and watch a tiny blade of grass to break through what seems like impenetrable ice. Spring will come sooner than you think & with it she’ll bring renewed faith and hope. Be Still And Know That He is God. Ps. 46:10, for he is faithful and worthy to be praise. For he is the father of good gifts.

    Rejoicing in Him,



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