“I will change my expression, and smile”Job 9:27 NIV

Hello friends, this is the first post in our BJ/ST 31 days project: Every day Awakenings, made to ‘awaken’ us and make us more aware of our faith and being mindful. Each day I will provide you with a word, a Bibleverse and a short explanation. You can get access to everything about this project and all the extra’s if you join me on Patreon €10 ( You can then download the printable I designed. It contains cards which you can print doublesided with the words and text, a template for a A5 booklet, journaling cards and diecuts.

And if you want to you can join us once a week during an online Biblejournaling/Scraptherapy session. Each week I’ll pick one word to talk about more in depth during the BJ/ST session on Monday 1PM, Wednesday 8PM or Friday 10AM UTC+2 (if you don’t want to or find it scary you of course don’t have to).

Here is the short text I prepared for our word of the day: SMILE

Have you already done it today, smile? Job did, despite everything that happened to him. Maybe you can try today to just smile to a stranger, or say “Hello”. Try it and see what it does. And remember, God is always smiling at you, He loves you!

Have a lovely day! Ren X

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