New Project: 31 days-Every day Awakenings

October is on its way!

How exiting, we are starting a new project as of the beginning of October (that’s this Thursday October 1) yay!! Hope you are as exited as I am.
It is called “The 31 Days Project-Everyday Awakenings”. It will be a project for…..yes 31 days of October (surprise, surprise😎) in whitch you get a small reminder from me on Patreon/Facebookgroup with a word and a text from the Bible or else.

The project is suppose to ‘awaken’ us and make us more aware of our faith and being mindful. You can do whatever you want with the word and text and I am designing a free printable for you to use if you want to in your journaling or scrap therapy. It contains cards witch you can print doublesided with the words and text and a template for a A5 booklet that you can fold into a……yes…..booklet :)). Each week when we get together we can talk about the words of the past week and share our thoughts and projects. I will pick one word every week to talk about more in depth during the session.

Here is a little sneak peak of the free printable and an add-on which I designed and is available on my Etsy shop (as from the end of this week). Feel free to purchase it, it is a nice extra in your journaling because the project is for one month. I’ll also make a version that is more colorful to accommodate you all ;))

Do you want to join? Just go to Patreon and choose BJ/ST Patron. This tier contains weekly live Biblejournaling/Scraptherapy sessions in a group of max 10 on either every Monday 1 PM (English), Wednesday 8 PM (English) or Friday 10 AM (Dutch). And acces to exclusive, Patreon only high resolution printables to go with the BJ/ST sessions.

  • Weekly Biblejournaling/Scraptherapy Zoomsessions
  • Weekly email about Biblejournaling/Scraptherapy
  • High-res content (printable to go with BJ/ST/CC)
  • Monthly newsletter

I hope you will come an join us!

Love Ren

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