At the end of last weeks Biblejournaling session I talked to some of the ladies about ideas and doubts about my future and how it was made clear to me that I have to wait for His time. 

Because there have been some issues with payments for the Biblejournaling sessions, not with the paying itself but with the fact that my website host and Paypal both take a percentage of the payments and with every €3 euro they take almost €1,50….. 

Someone mentioned Patreon and I got the feeling that that is wat He wants me to do because I was already thinking about it before and even made an account on Patreon a few moths ago. So I decided to take the plunge! So as of from the end of September I will be using Patreon!
I am very exited and also a bit scared because next to Biblejournaling I also want to offer creative coaching. In the beginning of this year I started a coaching education and I really want to put my studies and my life’s experiences to practice and help other people through faith and creativity.

More information will follow soon and I hope that you will continue to support me on this new journey!

Here is the link!

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