Just Bee

This weeks BJ/ST theme will be a liiiiitle different, so hold on to your knickers everybody! The theme is “just bee”, about sticky enamel dots, God coughing, the sun……birds…..bees. 

As I said, a little different. 

Did you know that honeybees can radiate heat to their chest or mid-segment by making the flight muscles vibrate very quickly? And that they use it as a defense meganism? It is this and all kinds of other facts I am going to talk about during the session. So if you are curious how this is ever going to relate to Biblejournaling/scraptherapy then just join me and find out! Wednesday June 22 8 PM (UTC+2).

I designed a small freebee for you to print out and use in your journaling, scrapbooking or hang on your wall.

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2 thoughts on “Just Bee

  1. Hi Reneke,

    Hope u r well. I haven’t been able to join the group yet, because I’m in the process of moving & relocating. Hence, my schedule is prohibitive right now. However, I really like your “just bee” title for Wednesday’s meeting. I will make an attempt to join this Wednesday, Lord willing.

    Since my last name is BusBEE, perhaps you can appreciate my personal attraction to your study. Aside from the fact that BEES are amazing little creatures from whom we can learn a lot. From the flapping of their wings to cool and maintain perfect temperature of their hive to communicating through “dance” the location & distance to the bee colony of the area where they can collect nectar from flowers in a field. They’re little architects, supreme guards & protectors of their hive & a perfect example of what it means to live in community. Hard workers, each dedicated to Build & Protect their community. Their ultimate goal being protectors of their-colony & queen.

    I already have some ideas milling around in my head, I hope to produce art work on this topic soon & share with the group.




    1. Hi Claudia, thank you for your message! I am well thank you, hope you are okay. It would be lovely if you could join this Wednesday! Yes I love Bees, there such beautiful creatures, you can really see the hand of the Maker.

      I really hope to meet you soon and noticed your last name so it is ment to Bee :))

      X Ren.


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