You got the Power 2.0

Hi everybody, we had a lovely time last week in our online Biblejournaling session. We were with 9 ladies from all over the world. It makes me very humble just having been given the courage to start these sessions.

This weeks theme is going to be “You got the Power 2.0”, in this theme we are going to tackle something I have been dreading and also am a little afraid of: the enemy.

About how God has given us the authority and the power to tread and to trample over the enemy in every area of our lifes. We are not defenseless against the wiles of the enemy. God has armed us with authority and power to defeat and to overcome. It is going to get interesting for sure!!

Want to join us? You are very welcome, please click this link.

2 thoughts on “You got the Power 2.0

  1. Delighted I have the opportunity to be part of this group. Have heard great things about what the Lord is doing.

    Thank You,



    1. Hi Claudia! Welcome and love to have you! If you are in Suse’s facebookgroup you see the invitation for our Zoom online Biblejournaling group there. If you are not in the group I can send you the invitation via email. Hope to see you tomorrow (8 PM UTC+2 the Netherlands). X


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