“Shine Bright”

Hi everybody, the theme for this weeks BJ/ST session is “Shine Bright” about shining your light. I have something nice and interactive in mind for this week! I want to make a 12 x 12 layout with this grid:

And it can look something something like this:

This is just a rough sketch of sort of a grid, at the bottom we can add strips of patterned paper were we later write/type on texts. The texts wil be things that we can do for others, things in ways we can “Shine” upon others. If you want to scrap this layout with me than your welcome of course but if you want to do your own scrapping that is ok to, you are free in what you do.

If you want to join (Wednesday 8PM UTC+2) please pay your (small) contribution. I made two buttons, one to pay for the whole month of June (3x€3) and one to donate (€3), you can use the donate button if you are not sure you can join every week. I will post the link to Zoom later this week, if you don’t see it just message me here via contact.

July Biblejournaling pay per session


3 thoughts on ““Shine Bright”

  1. LOVE LOVE your idea!! I’ve been wanting to do something with black and yellow. See you Wednesday.


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