Do you have the feeling that time stands still? Somehow I have more time, but do I really do more: no. I am still adapting to the new situation. And although I normally handle changes very well, it now takes a bit more.
So when I feel restless and lethargic, I just try to do things that I like, little things. Some messing around in the house, for example picking out all my plants, repotting if necessary and moving some. Or relax in the garden, remove some weeds. Tidy up my office (yes I am blessed with my own office) but also, for example, make a nice creative project behind my desk. This way I automatically get more energy!
For the Biblejournaling group that I organize 4x in the month, I regularly make a printable (sheet). Now I will do that every month for the coming period and mail the link to the participants. If you want to see it, you can download it here for free.

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