Printable Kit May 2020

Its almost May, although it is a strange time with all the restrictions it also flies by, at least for me. When I look outside everything in nature is green again and trees and flowers are blooming! Let’s just try to enjoy what we can and don’t think to much about the future. Grow & Bloom is the theme of this months printable kit. It is inspired by a song from our Dutch songbook nr. 78 “Let me stay in You, grow, bloom”, about staying close to God, grow and bloom in His presence. Hopefully you are going to use the printable kit, when you are and you want to post on social media please tag me in the post @labzv

“Let me stay in you, grow, bloom,
O Savior, who is the vine!
Your strength must flow into me,
Or I fall into ruin;
Move on, inspire and bless me,
That I may be truly fruitful.”

Then my soul will remain won for you,
Then my soul gains in strength through you!
The work, begun in need,
Then be accomplished in glory!
What slept in the windsocks, bare,
And comes into the light, and matures before God.

It is a translation of the Dutch verse, I am not sure if it is a good one but I trust Google-translate to do its best 😉

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