We are still at the beginning of a new year, often a time of new plans, resolutions, etc. New plans and especially plans that take you out of your comfort zone are exciting. You can choose not to do it, but what do you have to lose if you do grab that proverbial cow by the horns? You know, time goes on anyway, so why not take that time for something new exciting?
Courage is having the guts!
And I’m not talking about skydiving or bungee jumping but about what you can do now to start that French class, choose another job …. What you can do now is ….. do, dare!

The Bible often mentions courage or courage in combination with being strong, you have to be strong to be brave. During Biblejournaling this week, we considered courage. It was very cozy with a good and relaxed atmosphere. Just at my dining table at home. Want to join? Contact me through the contact button.

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