Last year 2019 was not my year. I have been struggling for a year and a half with Tinnitus (ringing in the ears and in my case a loud ringing in both ears). It is always there …..
Without noticing it had started to affect my whole life. Until the end of last year my super tough sister gave me a kick in the butt: to was time to accept how things were, not look at what I couldn’t do but look at what I could. I can no longer do my old work, but there is so much more! And I notice that if I try to focus as little as possible on the Tinnitus and not ignore it but accept it, it will go quite well. I can even think positive about this now, because a door has closed but a window had opened!

My motto for this year is: ‘Let this be the year you go after courage’, I have already taken a first step and have registered for a coaching course. It is a course in which I learn more about the (basic) skills of a coach, various coaching techniques and (motivational) conversation.
It is my goal to creatively coach people in the future.
I also hope to inspire people to show more courage here on my blog and on my social media. It is all very exciting, but time goes on anyway, why not spend that time well! The illustration is made by Morgan Harper Nichols, I use it as a background on my phone this year, do you?

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